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In addition to the normal cases most investigators work (adultery, child custody, insurance investigation, etc.), Mr. Browning has on two ocassions worked with a national beverage interest regarding employee theft of product. In both cases, his surveillance and internal investigation led to successful prosecution.

Another large case involved theft of precious metals in excess of $1,000,000 in value. Two suspects were brought forth during the investigation, some remaining amount of the stolen product was located, and disposition of the case was then released to local law enforcement.

In addition to investigative services, Mr. Browning also offers personal protection for executives. In 2000, he accompanied an executive on a business trip to Hong Kong and central China, both areas not extremely safe for American businessmen. It's not often that such individuals acknowledge this type of service, but Mr. Cantrell of CTMI graciously offered his appreciation in the following letter, reprinted with permission.


Two gorgeous pictures of Hong Kong - warning, these are somewhat large.

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